My Passion

Alisha 01-2017 (16) My passion is to take care of pets. I love adopting and caring for pets because all of the pets I haveĀ are adopted or taken in. My black cat was my great-grandpa’s cat but when my family and I went down to his house in Indiana. I saw her and asked my great-grandma if I could have her. She said yes so I asked my mom and dad if I could keep her and they said yes. So we took her home and she is now been my cat for at least 2 years.

Sunny our calico cat was my Aunt Becky’s cat and every time I went there I petted her and did everything with her. Finally after 2 months of begging my mom and dad finally said yes to adopting her.My dog Rocky,we saved from the pet shelter and finally he had a family.My family has been through a lot with these animals.So when I get more pets I have to get them their basic needs like food,water, a crate,bed,litter box (if a cat) etc. So when I got my new cat sunny I had to go out a get her all that stuff so she wouldn’t be missing any basic need.


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