Reason For My Favorite Season

This blog is going to be about my favorite season,I have to give three reasons why it is. Three reasons,Three paragraphs.

My favorite season is summer because new flowers are blooming everyday and it’s beautiful. You can out to the fields and pick flowers to make a bouquet for your mother. You can also make flower crowns for other friends, family, even your pets.

Another reason I like summer is because it rains! You get to splash in the puddles and get the side walk wetter.You can also stay in bed on the weekend rainy days and watch movie marathons! You can stay in your pajama’s all day on rainy days unless your going to school then you would have to change.

The last reason I like summer is because You can go on adventures into the wilderness and find wild flowers and maybe see a deer cross your path.You could also find a bee hive and maybe try to take some honey without getting stung by bees. You can go on an adventure to the beach and make some sandcastles!

Those are 3 reasons Summer is my favorite season!


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My Thoughts On 20%!

Right now, I’m feeling great about my 20% project! We already have the tools and supplies we need to be able to go over to the elementary school we are hoping to go to! We have some markers, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, oil pastels, chalk etc.

My December goals are to have the supplies (which we do). To have a teacher whose kids we can teach how to draw when we get an e-mail from the principal there.Even though I am nervous, I am still so exited! I can’t wait to go!

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Me walking to the school!

Holiday Thanks!

My first favorite holiday is Halloween because we get to dress up for it and then go out to trick-or-treat! The best thing about the candy that it’s free for the trick-or-treaters,but the people giving the candy out,too bad its not..for them at least. But the second best thing about Halloween is that when your done trick-or-treating you can go home and if your family has extra candy you can add that to your stash.

My second holiday is Christmas because I get to see my family and I get presents!But the real best thing about it is that we all share a feast full of many delicious foods and wen we go outside I get to put snowballs in my brother’s jacket and make him jump! I love that there is almost always snow on the ground for Christmas! We get to go build snowmen and snow forts, etc.

My third favorite holiday is The 4th of July because I get to see beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky. I usually go to a great big hill house and watch it from the swing they have on their biggest tree.Then after the fireworks we eat and run around and play until at least 10:00 then we go home.When go there I always feel a sense of freedom since this day was when we gained our independence! That day I will always remember.

2009高雄夢時代跨年煙火秀     <- Firework!

About Me!!

I am

  • Athletic
  • Brave
  • Creative
  • Determined
  • Encouraging
  • Friendly
  • Good Friend
  • Helpful
  • Intelligent
  • Joker
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Magical
  • Nice
  • Observant
  • Passionate
  • Queer
  • Responsible
  • Smart
  • Trustworthy
  • Unpredictable
  • Victorious
  • Worker
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Youngest
  • Zippy

The Everlasting View

The view outside my classroom window is such a magical sight…

The trees are shaking and losing their leaves as the wind chases itself in a game of tag.The leaves are falling to the ground and  taking a vacation to go somewhere and anywhere but the tree they were stuck on for so many months.Cars pass by and sometimes I wish I was in one of them so I could ride off and not be stuck in this building of boredom . School can get boring but can also be fun when you have the imagination of a child, from the view of a window.

When school is out the children race to get outside but then are stopped by the teacher that watches them as they get to the bus that takes them home. The children say “Why should we walk? Were running out of school, not into it”But they follow the rules and walk, until their out of sight from the teacher. Then its a mad dash to get to their buses so they can get a seat.The thing is -Get a seat = Good ride home,Don’t get a seat = Stuck with the high school people,and they stink!

That’s what I see,or imagine from the view, of my classroom window.

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The Disappearing Sword

Once upon a time there was an inventor and his partner that wanted to make something that has never been made before. So they started making a sword. But not just any sword, a sword that disappears when they hit or attack something.They made the sword out of molten lava and cooled it in some water after they had the shape.Then they covered it in some disappearing dust so it can claim the name “The Disappearing Sword”.

The inventor then wanted to test it out on something to see if it works.So they went out to the fields and found a random tree, Then attacked! After he was done attacking the tree, he looked down and saw nothing but the sword floating in mid air! “IT WORKS!!!” he yelled. They rushed back to the lab to make some tweaks on it to make it look cooler. And then, It was done.

The inventor and his partner then went to become famous from their invention. They were not greedy, so they money they earned they split it half went to them and the other half went to the poor people that were in the village they lived in. Now, many months later as they walk around their village they see no poor or homeless people on the streets instead they see wonderful plants and a new road, a road that leads to victory.

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Drawing Classes!!!

For my 20% project my partner and I are going to an elementary school and are going to be teaching kids how to draw things like horses and people, etc.

See my Visual Aide for more information!

For my 20% project I’m feeling pretty exited. When I get to see my old teachers when I’m walking down to the third grade rooms, I will remember the things I did at that school for years 1st through 5th grade! I’m also feeling nervous about how the third graders are going to react to having to waste their recces to do this class…But I think they’ll also be happy about getting to skip a little bit of class time.. Especially if they’re in math class! Why math class? Because I don’t exactly like math class. Hey! Don’t judge! Finally I’m kind of scared I mean I’ve never done this before so I’m scared and nervous about it.

The goals I am trying to make for the month of November are getting the supplies we need and setting up dates and times for when we can go over to the elementary school. But I am also trying to figure out how to try to talk the teachers into shortening their classes so my partner and I could come in and teach them.

Blog Post 1

Activity 1:

Today we learned about Plagiarism.Plagiarism is copying another’s work or ideas and passing it off as your own. There are some ways you can avoid this from accidentally.

Give credit to the sources where you got your information,make it clear who said any phrases said by a real person or someone from a piece of text,put quotations around other authors text that you type


Activity 2:Image From:

Image result for black cat 

Black as night

Big yellow eyes

Might bring bad luck

Brings Happiness to me

Hisses at others

Doesn’t like my brother

Loves to eat

Might get fat





Blog Post 2

Activity 3:

One day Steve and Alex were mining when suddenly the ground started rumbling and then it collapsed! Steve and Alex fell through the floor and continued to drop until finally they hit the ground.They got up and thought they were safe,but then they felt something breathing on them. They turned around to find themselves face to face with a monster! What monster you ask? Well you have to make that decision because I’m leaving it here as a cliff-hanger! Leave a comment about what horrible monster you think it should be!
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Activity 4:Image result for apple   Image result for sugar cinnamon and cornstarch      Image result for oven         Image result for apple pie           Image result for eating apple pie

Profile Power!! :D

I made this avatar because it describes me and my personality. I made this avatar very seriously and took my time because when I post anything this is how I show up to the world! So I took my time and created the tiny person that was soon to be me for my posts!

I got my avatar from DoppelMe